Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street

Life is anything but normal for Gortimer and his two best friends, Ranger and Mel, as they navigate Normal Street -- an ordinary suburb that has a hint of something magical just beneath the surface. Created by David Anaxagoras.


I was a staff writer on this Amazon original series, which is the winner of back-to-back Writers Guild Awards, a Humanitas Prize, and the Parent's Choice Gold Award.

"Gortimer vs. White Hat"
After receiving some bombshell news, Gortimer escapes to the comfort of his favorite TV show, the campy '60s superhero series, "Adventures of White Hat." But once an inter-dimensional transporter gets involved, Gortimer takes his escapism to a new level.
"The Mystery of the Marlow Mansion"
The gang takes part in a 1920s-themed mystery party and wind up stuck in their characters' personas. When a valuable antique goes missing, it's up to Gortimer to solve the mystery and bring his friends back to normal. Co-written with Aminta Goyel.
"Ranger and the Supercharged Championship"
Ranger gets swept up in the celebrity of being the good luck charm of the basketball team, whose lucky head-rubs cause unnatural levels of static electricity.

"[R]ecalls movies such as 'Stand by Me'... in terms of kids' TV, this sort of genuinely clever alternative is anything but normal." -- Variety
"Amid all the fuss over 'Transparent' and its Golden Globe, this quiet, charming show, Amazon’s first live-action series for children, hasn’t received the attention it deserves." -- NY Times
"[B]rings back the magic to older-kids' TV." -- Time Magazine
"Singular, joyful and important -- just like childhood." -- Decider
"[A] welcome reminder of how devoid of actual imagination most kids TV is." -- San Francisco Chronicle
"[S]weet in an old-fashioned way, with gentle humor and sophisticated writing." -- The California Sunday Magazine
"Not since the early-90’s cult hit 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete'... has there been a kids’ TV series so cool to look at and so fun to watch." -- ICG Magazine
"The plotlines are complex, the acting is superb, and unlike most tween-targeted TV, it isn’t pandering for cheap laughs. It’s what tweens should be watching … and demanding." -- Channel Guide Magazine
"[A] tour de force of children’s programing, mixing elements of Eerie, IndianaThe Adventures of Pete & Pete, and the immortal works of Roald Dahl. Behind all the whimsical setups and quirky humor, this was a surprisingly deep coming-of-age story, dealing with divorce, death, and growing up without ever talking down to kids." -- Flickreel.com