Clients Include:

Mastercard     Nike     Google Wallet     illy Coffee    Harvard University     Bystander Revolution     Slate Magazine     Merge Records

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Bystander Revolution

I was one of two primary editors for 100s of videos featuring celebrities and students created for the website Bystander Revolution. Bystander Revolution is a crowd-sourced collection of simple things you can do to take the power out of bullying. It was founded by author and parent MacKenzie Bezos (wife of Jeff Bezos). Videos produced by Gates & Greene and directed by Michael E. Wood.

Ex Hex "Hot and Cold"

Music video I edited for director Lara Gallagher. Merge Records.

One of Buzzfeed's 33 best music videos of 2014. Trending News

For a year, I worked as a producer and editor helping to create daily trending news videos, like this one commemorating Levon Helm's death, for Slate Magazine.

Mikal Cronin "Peace of Mind"

Music video I edited for director Lara GallagherMerge Records.

The Divine Comedy

A video portrait of Ai Weiwei's installation Untitled, one of four videos I edited for director Rob Meyer and There We Go Films as part of Harvard Graduate School of Design's "Divine Comedy" exhibition. Series includes installations by artists Tomás Saraceno and Olafur Eliasson and an overview of the exhibit.